new blog

I have a new blog, food=bad. This is my diet/lifestyle support blog...I could always use encouragement!!



easter 2010

we got a new camera!! maybe we will start posting pictures more often, probably not though. we kinda had a sad easter, the girls were sick so we didn't get to go to church, sad. we didn't even get dressed and out of the house until 3:30. it seems like we can go only once every other week, the girls are sick the other. somehow we managed to get some great pictures. hope you all had a great easter and have a fun spring break!


look! a post!

and not just any post, a christmas picture post. here are some new pictures of the girls. ok, not new, October, but since i've not posted since July they're pretty new.

Merry Christmas!!


tank tops

something i made actually turned out the way i intended, yay! i made these for the girls and they love them!!!


i haven't laughed this hard in ages...

ok here is the funniest blog i've read in ages, it's the funniest thing i've heard, read or seen....oh goodness, i was reading it at work and my co-workers were looking at me like i'm insane. anyone who has ever spent time with a toddler will completely relate....or is it just me? please read and enjoy.....


what if Jesus walked into your church?

I know, everyone uses this scenario to scare the church. i heard these lyrics and thought they were so bitter~

"Cause my Jesus would never be accepted in my church The blood and dirt on His feet would stain the carpet But He reaches for the hurting and despised the proud I think He'd prefer Beale St. to the stained glass crowd "

The devotion for today (by the way, i love these devotions!) was opposite, "if Jesus walked into your church, Does He want to reach out and grab the hands that are raised in worship?" I was really encouraged by this, and the challenge she extended ~

"Take a few moments and close your eyes. In your mind, picture your church sanctuary and Jesus walking in and sitting down next to you before the service starts. Imagine Him saying, "Hello" and wrapping His arms around you. Just enjoy that feeling for a moment."

Jesus is in our church......enjoy the picture of the hurt, sick and lonely sitting with Jesus in our church!


Today at the park Lilliah got into her first playground fight. Two little kids were blocking the slide and my girls wanted to play too. Lilliah was so good, she kept on saying "excuse me" and the little boy told her to go away. After a few minutes of asking please and excuse me I guess the other girl was fed up and decided she should push Lilliah. At this point the mama bear inside me reared up and I wanted to protect Lilliah....but she was on top of it and hit the little girl. At that point it turned into a giant ordeal and everyone was crying and hitting.

My question is can I teach my children to turn the other cheek when I think the other kid deserved it? I am proud that Lilliah wasn't the first to resort to violence ....actually, I was shocked at her patience, but once the other girl started it...arrgg! Is there a way to turn off the mother bear instinct? And do I have to? Where is the line between turn the other cheek and standing up against bullies?